Feige On “Panther” Rumors, “Defenders” Return

Feige On Panther Rumors Defenders Return

With impending launch of Disney+ and declining viewership numbers, Netflix effectively jettisoned itself of all of its various Marvel series in the past year – cancelling the five live-action shows it created after two or three seasons each on the service.

Fans held out hope that some day, maybe, the shows would be resurrected on Disney+ or Hulu once the Netflix contracts were up. However as Marvel Studios started greenlighting its own new shows for both Disney+ and Hulu, more and more it looks like any chance of a resurrection of any of the original five is dead.

Indeed it seems the only way the likes of Daredevil and The Punisher will come back is in a new form, one much more tied to the MCU. Asked about it this week by BET, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige doesn’t seem sure what’s going to happen with the characters but it sounds like he hopes to eventually use them – one day:

“I don’t know. There were a lot of great characters that were on those Netflix series, and I think there is a period of time…it’ll be a while before we could use any of them based on what the contracts were, so I’m not sure. And also, even answering that question is a spoiler. But there are some great Marvel characters there.”

As part of the same interview, he was also asked about recent rumors that Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger character would make a posthumous return in the “Black Panther” sequel. Feige was much more direct with his answer, shooting the rumor down:

“Pure rumor. The honest answer to that is that is pure rumor and speculation, because Mr. Coogler is just only in recent weeks sitting down at his keyboard and beginning to outline the movie. It’s early, so nothing is set yet in any way that far, because Mr. Coogler is sitting down and will share it with [‘Black Panther’ producer] Nate Moore and myself in coming weeks.”

Feige at least confirmed that they are working on “Black Panther 2,” something he hadn’t really done up to this point. Some of the details about what Marvel has in store for the near future are expected to be unveiled in a few weeks at San Diego Comic Con.