Feige: Marvel Films Will Never Go ‘Too Dark’

One of the common complaints from Marvel fans about the first trailer for “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” was that of the film’s tone looking far too dark and gritty for their taste, something that seemed odd considering many of these same people heaped praised upon Netflix’s “Daredevil” series around the same time for being just that – very adult, dark and gritty.

One fair point is that Superman isn’t a dark character and trying to shove him in that mold is not suitable, yet the debates often didn’t get that specific and seemed to once again devolve into yet another round of tribalistic fanboy feuding.

Also, even though they’re part of the same Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Netflix shows are a separate thing from the films. Marvel chief Kevin Feige recently gave a talk on this subject and says, at least on the big screen, there’s no plans to change the lighter tone of the Marvel Studios films for the moment. In notes transcribed on Reddit:

“There is no dark turn in the MCU. He says every year fans come up to him and ask him if this movie is when the MCU goes “dark” or takes a “dark” turn. He said while the trailers may seem ominous or have a sense of impending doom, the movies do not have that feel, and will not. He said he “Hoped people would catch on by now” – there will be no giant dark turns in the MCU where it then continues to head in that direction. The humor is in the DNA of the movies, there are no plans to change that.

The question is, will audiences stick with the films if they all stay along the same formulaic lines? For now, there’s no reason to believe they won’t. Speaking of Marvel, a new reel is out showcasing some of the visual effects compositions employed in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.