Feig Confirms “The Heat” Sequel Progress

The big news at the box-office over the weekend was the way Sandra Bullock kicked Channing Tatum to the ground.

Paul Feig’s R-rated female buddy cop comedy “The Heat”, starring Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, opened in second place with $40 million. Made on an economical $43 million budget, it will prove a nicely profitable earner for Fox.

On the flipside, Sony and Roland Emmerich’s $150 million action thriller “White House Down” starring Tatum and Jamie Foxx, fizzled with just a $25 million gross and fourth place opening. Emmerich’s films are usually strong performers overseas, but this one will have an uphill battle with the subject matter.

So what happens a modestly costing film like “The Heat” has a big opening? Sequel talk of course. Out doing promotion for the film, Feig confirms news from a few weeks ago that the film’s writer Katie Dippold is is currently “writing away” on a sequel.

He adds: “We had an idea that we thought was really fun. I just love these characters so much. I want to see them fighting more crime and having more fun.”

Source: Yahoo