On-Set Interview: Melissa George for "The Amityville Horror"

By Brad Miska Wednesday September 29th 2004 04:33PM
Melissa George for "The Amityville Horror"

When you hear the name of Australian native Melissa George the one thing you'd never think of is horror. Quickly moving up the scales in the world of film, she's recently been on one of the top TV shows, 'Alias,' and has appeared in movies such as 'Dark City' and David Lynch's 'Mullholland Drive.' But Melissa in horror movies- especially a remake of the classic 'Amityville Horror' from 1979- that was a shocker...

Based on a true story, Melissa plays Kathy Lutz, who moves into her dream home in Amityville with her three children and her new husband George Lutz (Ryan Reynolds). It's the American dream turned American nightmare as her husband slowly becomes possessed by a demonic force and puts the entire family in danger.

After 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' a lot of studios began remaking films and a lot of fans wondered if it was really necessary, Melissa thinks so, "(The original) doesn't really hold up to time... it needs a make-over," she continues by explaining that the remake isn't really a horror film but more of a psychological drama, "there's a lot of great scenes in here that you don't see in regular slasher films. It's not like a typical slasher film because there's this whole element of fear, you don't just go screaming through hallways."

Being in the minority, the bashing of the original 'Amityville' from 1979 continued as Melissa talked a little bit about her motivations and how the original film didn't help her at all, "Nothing from the original made it work for me, what made it work for me was a scene in 'Love Actually' where Emma Thompson was trying to keep herself in control of the kids, and she goes into her room and cries and comes out like nothing happened."

Inspiration didn't just come from 'Love Actually,' but it came from new feature film director Andrew Douglas, "He's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. He's very sensitive to a lot of things in life and he brings a lot of that imagery to explain what you're doing as an image of like Mary and Jesus, something like that when he's out of the bathtub and holding him. He gives you these beautiful visual inspirations, which is wonderful."

But what everyone wanted to know, does she believe in the 'true' story of Amityville? Melissa explains, "I believe something went on, anybody who has a house like that and doesn't come back for one thing, something must have happened."

After playing such an evil character in 'Alias,' it should be interesting to see Melissa play the good girl role in 'Amityville.' So what's next for our Australian bad girl turned good? She's signed on to Mikael HĀfstr^m's 'Derailed,' which is "about a guy who gets on a train and his whole life changes, my life, the girl on the train, Clive Owen's character, the guy playing York's life changes- it's like a psychological thriller." But will we ever see her in another horror film in the future? "No more horror films, I was advised to do only one, and only a really good one." Check out Melissa in 'The Amityville Horror' on April 15th from MGM and Dimension Films.