VOTD: The Schwarzenegger Kill Count

By Garth Franklin Friday December 13th 2013 11:04AM
VOTD: The Schwarzenegger Kill Count

Arnold Schwarzenegger built his name on action, not to mention a lot of bodies. In fact a new half-hour Youtube video has compiled the "Schwarzenegger Kill Count" which tallies up every single death that Arnie's on screen characters have caused. The final total? 509.

Everything from a random bit of spouse shaking in a guest spot on "Streets of San Francisco," to the slaughterhouses of "Commando", "Predator," "Total Recall," "Raw Deal," "Red Heat," "The Running Man," both Conans and multiple Terminators.

"Hercules in New York," "Red Sonja," "Kindergarten Cop," "The Last Action Hero," "True Lies," "Eraser," "Batman and Robin," "The Sixth Day," "Collateral Damage," "The Expendables 2" and "The Last Stand" also all have their fair share of corpses.

It's utterly gratuitous, senseless, bloody violence... and man is it great.