VOTD: "Great Gatsby" Before & After VFX

By Garth Franklin Wednesday June 26th 2013 12:59AM
VOTD: "Great Gatsby" Before & After VFX

It was fairly obvious Baz Luhrmann's recent film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" relied heavily on visual effects to recreate New York in the Roaring Twenties. What might surprise you though is just how many scenes utilised them, as approximately 1,500 visual effect shots were required to pull off the illusion.

The film's visual effects supervisor Chris Godfrey worked with Animal Logic along and half a dozen other vendors to come up with all the digital set extensions and creations. Now he's released a "before and after" reel showcasing the actual set photography and the final film look.

While some shots are fairly obvious green screen, such as the scenes set in the heart of Manhattan, what might surprise you is how little of Gatsby's mansion actually existed on-set. Click the photo below to check out the full reel.