"The Last of Us" As A Six-Hour Movie

By Garth Franklin Thursday June 20th 2013 10:58AM
"The Last of Us" As A Six-Hour Movie

Video games developer Naughty Dog earned their name on the "Uncharted" trilogy, a game series that blended gameplay with a strongly cinematic narrative and scope. The games were so cinematic in fact that Youtube users were able to create two and three hour "film" versions of the games. These blended all the cinematics and judiciously trimmed elements of the gameplay to turn each game into effectively 2-3 hour movies.

One YouTube user, 'dansg08', has now done it for Naughty Dog's most recent title "The Last of Us". Scoring a whopping 95/100 on Metacritic, that marks the highest score of any video game this year - just ahead of "Bioshock Infinite" at 94/100. 'dansg08' already made a 3.5 hour film out of the 'Infinite' narrative, now he's crafted an incredible six-hour cinematic cut of "The Last of Us". Check out the whole thing below: