VOTD: The "Skyfall" Opening Credits

By Garth Franklin Thursday November 15th 2012 02:56AM

Aside from "Quantum of Solace," Daniel Kleinman is the main man responsible for every Bond film's opening credits since "Goldeneye" in 1995. The results have been amongst the most stylish of the series even if many of the songs that go along with them haven't been as up to the task.

From the fall of Communism theme for "Goldeneye," to the oil theme of "The World if Not Enough" and the playing card meets silhouettes of "Casino Royale" - they've all been pretty good. One of, if not the best, is his work on the just released "Skyfall".

The film itself has now become the second highest grossing film of all time in the United Kingdom and is already well past the $100 million domestic mark after just five days of release in the United States.

The film's opening credits - with motifs of tombstones, blood, women, daggers, skulls and drowning - are quite sinister and haunting. Today, Kleinman has posted the entire sequence (sans credits) online and in high quality to enjoy.

There's a lot of little details that are easy to miss on just one viewing, be it the skull image formed by the draining sand, to the richness of the Chinese dragons and the beauty of the bit where the entire sequence turns into negative silhouettes. Head to Art of the Title to see the full sequence.