"Game of Thrones" S2 VFX Breakdown

By Garth Franklin Wednesday September 19th 2012 12:36PM
"Game of Thrones" S2 VFX Breakdown

Back in January visual effects house BlueBolt posted a VFX breakdown reel showcasing their work on the first season of HBO's acclaimed fantasy drama "Game of Thrones". It was an impressive 3.5 minute montage showing digital mattes and extensions being used to create wide shots of locations like Winterfell, The Eyrie, and King's Landing,

Now visual effects house Pixomondo have cut together a similar reel, this time showcasing their Emmy-winning work on the show's second season. It's an impressive featurette to say the least.

The first half focuses on the locations like Robb Stark's encampment, King's Landing, The Red Waste, Pyke, Qarth, Harrenhal and Dragonstone. The second half mostly surrounds the stunning job they did on the Battle of Blackwater Bay along with creature work such as the wights and Melisandre's offspring.

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