"Uncharted" Games As Feature Films

By Garth Franklin Monday April 23rd 2012 06:38AM
"Uncharted" Games As Feature Films

In this current generation of the console wars there are two trilogies, exclusive to their respective platforms, that perfectly personify their differing approaches to gaming. Funnily enough both trilogies also hit their peak with their second game.

On XBox 360 it's "Gears of War", the sci-fi military first-person shooters that are all about co-op play, online multiplayer and super-fast gameplay.

On PS3 it's "Uncharted", epic single-player adventure tales combining platforming, shooting, puzzles, epic storytelling and top-notch voice work to deliver more varied experiences which are closer to a movie than a game.

Now, one fan of the "Uncharted" franchise has recognised this and cut together all three games as three 'movies'. To do this they've included every in-game cinematic and linked them with the minimum gameplay needed to connect the cinematics without creating any plot holes or adversely affecting the story.

They also tried removing as many on screen references to this being a game as possible and yet still retain the in-game dialogue. The results are impressive - the first 'film' clocking in at two hours, the next two at just under and just over three hours respectively.

The aim of the project was to show people who don't have a PS3, don't play video games, and/or don't have or want these games but still are interested in seeing the story. You can watch all three through the link below: