VOTD: "ABCinema"

By Garth Franklin Friday February 17th 2012 02:45AM
VOTD: "ABCinema"

A while back digital animator James Curran came up with a very clever one-minute animated piece based on the "Tintin" books. Using a circle as the motif, they used great animation to cycle through the two dozen stories Herge published. It was clever enough the guy was invited to the premiere of the Steven Spielberg film.

Now an artist by the name of Evan Seitz has done a similar style short - this time focusing on all of cinema and using even more complex animation. Running from A-Z, it covers 26 cinematic classics and more importantly doesn't actually reveal what they are.

This results in you the viewer having to guess them by symbolic image, dialogue/score snippet and the letter of the alphabet the title begins with. On my first run-through I got 25, it was 'N' that stumbled me mainly because I've yet to see that particular black-and-white classic. How many can you get?