VOTD: "Grand Theft Auto V" Trailer

By Garth Franklin Wednesday November 2nd 2011 02:23PM
VOTD: "Grand Theft Auto V" Trailer

For those who want to shoot other drivers on the 405, run over a random actress from a show on The CW, engage in anal sex on Splash Mountain, or just take out the nearest Ryan Seacrest billboard with a rocket launcher - this one's for you.

Rockstar Games has unleashed the first trailer for "Grand Theft Auto V", the latest chapter in easily the biggest franchise in all video gaming. What makes this one special is that it's set in the movie making capital of the world - or rather a city based on Los Angeles.

2004's "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" (still my favourite game of the series) utilised elements of L.A. in its geography but this one promises a much more detailed and accurate portrayal of the City of Angels from its famed landmarks to the seedy industrial wasteland that spans much of the areas between its more prominent suburbs.