VOTD: "Tintin" Fan-Made Opening Credits

By Garth Franklin Tuesday October 18th 2011 04:26AM
VOTD: "Tintin" Fan-Made Opening  Credits

Earlier this year we had some impressive fan credits for "X-Men: First Class" and "Dexter".

Today, James Curran uses a sphere motif along with the original theme from the animated series adaptation of the comics to deliver a highly impressive fan-made opening credits for the upcoming "The Adventures of Tintin".

In the space of just over one minute the film shows off all the main characters and costumes/locales used across the two dozen published "Tintin" books in order from "In the Land of the Soviets" to "Tintin and Alph-Art" and all sorts of story elements within be it the side effects of Thomson and Thompson's swallowing of Muller's pills to the true thief of the Castafiore emerald.

Even if the references completely slip you by, it's still highly impressive work.