VOTD: "Portal: No Escape"

By Garth Franklin Wednesday August 24th 2011 02:54AM
VOTD: "Portal: No Escape"

It took him well over a year to make, but Dan Trachtenberg's seven minute fan-made film based on the "Portal" video game franchise is really quite spectacular.

Danielle Rayne stars as the protagonist in the short which premiered at the San Diego Comic Con and is now up on Youtube.

It serves as a great taster for what a film version could look like (skip to the three-minute mark for those who want to get straight to the aperture effects).

One quick little nugget of info, the score composer on this is Mike Zarin - the guy famous for the 'BBBBWWWAAAAMMMM' sound effect in the first "Inception" trailer which went on to influence Hans Zimmer's final score for the Chris Nolan feature.