VOTD: Amazing Spider-Man vs. Mirror's Edge

By Garth Franklin Sunday July 24th 2011 05:21AM
VOTD: Amazing Spider-Man vs. Mirror's Edge

I'm a PS3 gamer but have no love for military, sporting or Japanese RPG titles - which means I'm a big lover of platformers, open world and adventure games. "Uncharted", "Mass Effect," "Bioshock," "Infamous," "Portal," "Batman," "Assassin's Creed," "Dead Space," "Star Wars Force Unleashed," "God of War" and the Rockstar titles like GTA & Red Dead Redemption are the game franchises I adore.

One standalone title back in late 2008 I was a big fan of though was "Mirror's Edge" - a game that was essentially parkour where you engage in free running across building rooftops, walkways and even onto moving trains at one point. It was vertigo inducing but a lot of fun with only a poor story and weak combat elements taking away from the otherwise unique gameplay.

When "The Amazing Spider-Man" trailer first hit a week ago, I automatically saw the big CG shot of Spider-Man from a first-person perspective boasted some distinct similarities. So did a lot of other people, so much so that Youtube now boasts several videos sporting side-by-side comparisons of shots from "Mirror's Edge" with the sequence from the "Spider-Man" trailer. Here's an example:

Sadly the game itself didn't sell enough copies to justify a sequel, despite great reviews. EA President Frank Gibeau said at E3 this year that one was in development, but details are highly sketchy at best. One wonders if the inevitable "The Amazing Spider-Man" tie-in game will sport something akin to "Mirror's Edge".