VOTD: The 21 Deaths of Sean Bean

By Garth Franklin Sunday July 17th 2011 03:43PM
VOTD: The 21 Deaths of Sean Bean

Sean Bean has one hell of a resume including such well known projects as "The Lord of the Rings," "Goldeneye," "Ronin," "Patriot Games," "The Island," "Silent Hill," "Percy Jackson," "Troy," "Don't Say a Word," "Equilibrium," "Black Death," "Game of Thrones" and of course the "Sharpe" telemovies.

If there's one thing he has become known for onscreen, besides giving great performances, is that his characters tend to die a lot. Considering that he's been steadily employed since the mid-80's, it's not that hard for him to have built up an impressive showreel of onscreen deaths despite his characters only meeting their demise in about one-third of the film and TV projects he's appeared in.

He's had some regular style deaths - shot numerous times, hung, bayoneted, drowned, stabbed, beheaded, impaled, shot with arrows, buried alive and had his throat slit. Then there's the more unique ones - impaled on an anchor and exploded, torn limb from limb by horses, fallen from a great height and then crushed by a satellite dish, and - rather uniquely - been thrown off a cliff by stampeding cows.

Now, someone has put together a clip showcasing the various deaths of the actor. Naturally the very nature of this clip means there's SPOILERS for a good portion of his entire filmography - so be warned.

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