The Human Centipede: The Musical

By Garth Franklin Wednesday April 6th 2011 12:17PM
The Human Centipede: The Musical

"Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce... a horrifying tale that will make you hold... onto your caboose. That's right your butt is not safe here, in this little German town because... the doctor is in and he wants to...mess with your frown. (CHORUS) By sewing it into a butthole."

Horrific in concept yet flawed in execution, 2009's extreme horror film "The Human Centipede" dealt with a demented scientist stitching three people together ass-to-mouth to form the titular creation.

The low-budget film was understandably panned, yet was infamous enough to briefly become a small part of pop culture last year and has gone on to spawn parodies, a video game, toys, and an upcoming sequel.

Now the Chocolate Cake City comedy troupe, a group of "nerds who wanted to make a musical" have constructed a full-length musical, complete with original songs as a tribute to the film. Performed at Emerson College late last month, this parody is the brainchild of Julia Mattison who also serves as the narrator.

Though decidedly on the zero-budget amateur theater side, at a full 75 minutes its a committed effort. Considering the material they had to work with, they've actually come up with something quite clever. Here's the opening scenes, head to Centipede Musical for the full version.