Interview: Set Report Preview: Stealth

By Garth Franklin Monday January 24th 2005 07:56PM

When you think of jet fighter movies, what comes to mind? We all remember the likes of "Top Gun" and the last part of "True Lies", but most movies of this genre spend only a few scant minutes of screen time actually in the air and even then it's obviously cutting between real jet fighters and actors in fake cockpits shot in some parking lot somewhere. When you pay to see a movie involving jet fighters, you want to see expensive military equipment in fast flying action - and lots of it.

So, along comes "Stealth". Til now there hasn't been much talk about this Sony Pictures & Revolution Studios production opening July 29th. People know it's an action movie about jet fighters that's being directed by "The Fast & The Furious" and "xXx" helmer Rob Cohen, but not much else. Well, soon you'll be getting a first hand behind the scenes look at this $100 million action thriller.

Mid-late last year I got the call to go and visit the Fox Studios complex here in Sydney, Australia for a brief visit to this production. Set in the naval Air Force in the near future, "Stealth" tells the story of an artificial intelligence-run new stealth jet who is brought aboard a carrier in the Pacific to learn combat skills from human pilots. Soon, the AI Jet becomes self-aware and begins to have ideas of his own, forcing the others to try and stop it before it wipes out major cities or incites a war.

When people do finally get a glimpse at some footage, they'll be shocked. For starters more than half the runtime of this movie is set in the air, camera angles and tricks never used before will be on display. The world's largest gymbal was made at major cost to deliver what hopes to be one of the most realistic and adrenaline pumping representations of flying ever on screen. You can also expect to see one of the biggest explosions ever filmed (several magnitudes bigger than that "xXx" shack blow-up), an extensive dogfighting sequence over Russian Federation/Monglolian airspace, jet fighters flying in and around South-East Asian concrete urban jungles, and more.

In the few weeks leading up to the film's July 29th release date, I'll be giving you a world exclusive online set report complete with an interview of rising young sexy actress Jessica Biel, and a long and in-depth one-on-one with Cohen about this movie, his career and where he might be headed to next. It's fascinating stuff so be sure to stick around.