Faye Dunaway Joins Welsh Flick

Faye Dunaway playing a one-armed female police officer in a Welsh low budget horror film. No April Fools hasn’t arrived early, surprisingly it is real and the film in question is called “Flick” according to The BBC.

Dunaway plays Lieutenant McKenzie, who is called in to investigate the murder of a young boy after a fight at the Newbridge Memorial Hall in the 1950s.

The story after then gets “Forever Young” style strange with the boy resurrected and searching for his sweetheart who is now elderly.

Liz Smith (TV’s “Royle Family”) and “Carry On” star Leslie Phillips also appear. Dunaway apparently liked David Howard’s script so much she took a cut in her usual large fee.

Shooting is underway in Pontypool and Cardiff with locals working as extras.