Favreau To Direct “The Lion King” Remake

In one of the least surprising announcements to ever come out of Walt Disney Studios, the company has announced that they are moving forward with a new reimagining of “The Lion King” and have hired Jon Favreau to direct it.

Upon release, Favreau’s “The Jungle Book” film adaptation this year was suggested as being something a testbed for just such a possibility. ‘Jungle’ combined a photo realistic computer-animated jungle film with a live-action human lead shot against a green screen and blended in. “The Lion King” will be able to ditch the latter element, effectively become a fully CG animated feature.

This also continues Disney’s trend of turning its famous animated efforts into live-action features with the next being Bill Condon’s “Beauty and the Beast” opening in March. Like that film, the new “The Lion King” will include songs from the animated film.

The project is being put on the fast track to production and will likely (but is not confirmed to) take precedence over Favreau’s development of a “Jungle Book” sequel – no release date for either has been announced.

The first “The Jungle Book” has earned $965.8 million worldwide this year, while the original “The Lion King” pulled in $968.8 million back in 1994.

Source: Disney Pictures