Favreau Talks Iron Man Sequel

“Iron Man” director Jon Favreau is currently acting in a role for the Dreamworks comedy “I Love You, Man” and several sites attended a set visit this week and got to ask him about the “Iron Man” sequel.

First up he confirms to Coming Soon that he still hasn’t been hired yet to be a part of the sequel, but he’s already talked with Downey Jr. about “what types of things we would like to do, and how to play into the strengths of what we discovered last time around…There are plenty of story lines to explore from the 40 years of history from that character.”

More defined and serious villains seem to be a start – “We really spent most of the time dealing with Tony in this one, explaining who he is, and why he is the way that he is so that now Iron Man comes to life. You then have to reveal, I think, some heavy duty, heavy weight bad guys that you could then counter balance this incredibly powerful super hero.”

Fans wanting the ‘Demon in a Bottle’ storyline though may not get it – “The comic book fans might see ‘Demon in a Bottle’ as a fresh story line but I haven’t seen ‘Hancock’ yet. From what I’ve seen it seems there is a lot of imagery that seems to be shared. Him flying through billboards and things…The idea of the hero whose biggest enemy is himself, and him fighting through his demons, you want to come at the audience with something fresh. You don’t want to feel like you are echoing something that somebody else is doing.”

He doesn’t sound keen on rushing the film out too fast – “You have got to out-do what you did before. So, if the last one took two years, we would need at least that to do what we are talking about, or at least thinking about…Sometimes you end up trying to do just rush, and hit a release date. Hopefully this sequel will be driven by the material and driven by good ideas.”

The new schedule means he’s also not going to be doing the Avengers movie – “I look at their release schedule and they have announced “Iron Man 2” for 2010 and then “Avengers” for 2011. I know from experience there is no way I could. I don’t know what they have in mind, but there is no way that “The Avengers” could be done in a year. Either they are thinking about somebody else doing it or they have something up their sleeve that I don’t know.”