Favreau & Rourke Talk “Iron Man 2”

Empire Online recently swung by the set of the “Iron Man” sequel and briefly chatted with director Jon Favreau and actor Mickey Rouke.

Shooting is currently at the halfway point and Favreau hints that the Jim Rhodes (Don Cheadle) character could be decked out as War Machine sooner than you may think – “Rhodesy is definitely stepping up in this film. Let me put it this way: Tony’s not the only person with technology in the film.”

Rourke is enjoying the work but admits it can be tough – “It’s been really brutal, because my Iron Man suit weighs 23lb. It’s sort of a half-suit, with half my skin showing, with lots of Russian tattoos, because [Whiplash is just] out of a Russian-zone prison.”

The full report will be in the magazine’s July issue.