Favreau On Iron Man 2 Progress

During a live chat with the Los Angeles Times, Director Jon Favreau revealed quite a bit about his plans for the upcoming “Iron Man” sequel.

Scribe Justin Therous is still at work writing the first draft of the script while Favreau is working with a story board artist and costume designer.

They’re still trying to sort out who the villain should be, what to incorporate from the comic, and how this will feed in to the upcoming “The Avengers” movie.

Nevertheless he has an “interesting take” on the Mandarin which “allows us to incorporate the whole pantheon of villains”. He adds they “need some version of ‘classic villains’ in these movies” but is aware that many “don’t hold up well to time and to the big screen.”

One aspect will be dealing with the film’s ending and Tony Stark’s ‘coming out’ as Iron Man – “He announced who he was and we have now officially departed from the standard secret ID superhero. Tony was already famous before the announcement. What would really happen if this went down? Fun to explore.”

What about Stark’s alcoholism? “I don’t think we’ll ever do the Leaving Las Vegas version, but it will be dealt with.”

Finally, the faster timing is proving an issue – “I am confident that 2010 is achievable if we continue working together as we have for the past few months. It has to be great, though. It has to be great.”