Favreau On Exploring The “Magic Kingdom”

Giving an interview on Sirius radio (via Screen Rant, filmmaker Jon Favreau spoke a bit more about his planned film take on Disney’s “Magic Kingdom”.

“[The story for Magic Kingdom] is essentially a family caught in Disneyland, bringing all of the attractions to life. I really want to plumb the depths of the history of the park because it’s a place I love to go a few times a year” says Favreau.

Previous reports have compared the movie to “Night at the Museum”, a claim he shoots down to some extent – “I don’t think it’s going to be mixing all the other movies. I think it’s going to be its own thing; I don’t think it will be like Night at the Museum. I want to make it a little bit spookier like the old Disney movies were and try to really capture that tone.”

As a result he’s watching pretty much every Disney movie he can find to get a better feel for the older movies: “I said, look I’ve got to watch every Disney property. I started with Steamboat Willy working my way all the way up. I really want to focus on the classic stuff like Dumbo, Steamboat Willy, all the early black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons – all the Fantasyland stuff. I think there was something timeless about what Walt [Disney] did and I want to explore, not just Disneyland, but Walt’s vision of Disneyland. If you look at his concept art it diverges a little bit from what the park turned into over time; but if you look at his original concept art and really explore what that world is, I think there is something really fun and magical to be done there.”