Faulks Birdsong Finally Sings

Sebastian Faulks acclaimed World War One novel “Birdsong” is finally making it to film reports Teletext.

Working Title picked up the rights a decade ago but several directors and stars have dropped out over the years.

A spokesman now says that “There is something afoot but we’re not allowed to say anything yet.” Famous names previously attached include Jake Gyllenhaal, Jude Law and directors Peter Weir and Michael Mann.

Faulks, who has recently been commissioned to write the new James Bond novel, said: “It is such a long saga. Iain Softley has been hired and fired. I have twice been hired and twice been fired from the script. Harold Pinter accepted to do it but they couldn’t afford him! I could go on. All film people are bonkers or dim, or both.”

The story is a detailed look at life in the war trenches in France.