Fast Franchise Ditches Racing For Heists

“Fast Five” already opened internationally last week and has not only bee n a massive hit, but has actually scored some of the best reviews of the series.

A big part of the reasoning behind that is the film opts for the framework of a heist movie, uses real stunts (CG is essentially invisible), and has a fully fleshed out gang of supporting characters. This broadens the appeal outside of its bread-and-butter car culture audience.

Now, Deadline reports that Universal Pictures is intent on continuing taking the franchise in this direction, calling “Fast Five” a “transitional movie” to expand the franchise into something altogether different.

How? By making the films less about street racing and shifting the focus so that “car driving ability [is] just a part of the movie, like those great chases in The French Connection, The Bourne Identity, The Italian Job” says Universal chairman Adam Fogelson. The article adds that Dwayne Johnson wants his character to appear in and be integral to the action in “Fast Six”.

Fogelson adds that part of the appeal of this franchise is that “the business has gone so far towards CG action every weekend, that we really believe creating a movie with real action and real cars will be amazing stuff to people excited by seeing something real.”