Fast Five Failed The 3D Conversion Movie News

One thing “Fast Five” is missing that some were expecting was 3D. Though not shot in 3D, having a film undergo a post-production conversion has become a relatively regular enough occurrence with studio tentpoles lately.

Now, The Los Angeles Times reports that Universal Pictures actually was considering doing the conversion process on the film. Before they plunked down the cash though, they decided to test the process on a scene from the last film, 2009’s “Fast and Furious”.

From the sounds of it, that didn’t go well – “The test was not great. It was discombobulating and we discovered that the things that we find exciting about 3-D just didn’t apply to a ‘Fast’ film. The way we shot the movie and, more importantly, the way we cut it does not lend itself to 3-D” says Universal co-chairman Donna Langley.

Langley is referring to one of the issues that has emerged with 3D – fast editing. The hyperkinetic, quick cut editing techniques and shaky cam aesthetic that modern filmmakers seem to love is anathema to both the technology and audience comfort using it. Long takes with limited movement of the frame tend to work much better and reduce eyestrain.