Fast and Furious 7 Teased On Blu-ray

With two weeks to go before the release of “Fast and Furious 6” on Blu-ray and DVD, early press copies sent out have revealed that the disc set contains the first footage from the currently shooting seventh film.

The clip is an early scene from the film which deals with the post-credits stinger in “Fast and Furious 6”. have posted up a description of the scene which you can read below:

“The scene in question is the gang at Han’s funeral. So, if you were hoping that his death at the end of Fast & Furious 6 was a misdirect, it looks like you’re out of luck. He’s dead for real, and it’s hit the gang hard. There aren’t any tears shed (they’re all too manly for that), but Vin Diesel does croak out “You were always my brother, Han. He put you in this grave, so now I’ll do the same to him.

The bombshell comes when Ludacris says, “First Han, now Hobbs is laid up, of all people.” So at some point between FF6 and FF7, something serious happened to Hobbs to put him in the hospital. Considering new director James Wan has been tweeting about filming with the Rock, and the latter has been showing pictures from the set, it’s not like the accident will be offscreen. We’re betting that whatever happens to put Hobbs out of commission happens very early on during FF7, probably during the film’s opening action scene.