Fast 7, “Bond 24” Set Filming Dates

After being shut down following the tragic death of Paul Walker in November, Universal Pictures is reportedly set to resume production on “Fast and Furious 7” in early April.

The production was just over halfway complete when the shut down took place. Screenwriter Chris Morgan and director James Wan have since gone through the footage already shot and tweaked the script which allows for Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Connor to ‘retire’.

The remainder of the shoot is scheduled to last between six and eight weeks in Atlanta and gives Wan a full year to complete the film. Previously reported locations that were scheduled to be used for filming like Dubai and Los Angeles are still unconfirmed.

In news of another sequel, Ralph Fiennes has revealed that the next James Bond film begins shooting this October. The actor, who will reprise his role from “Skyfall,” also says that he hasn’t read the script yet.

Source: THR & MTV