Fast 6 Soars, “Hangover 3” Dips At Box-Office

Two big franchises that appeal to a similar crowds go head to head at the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend box-office.

On the one hand is “Fast and Furious 6,” a franchise that once seemed to be dying on the vine and found new life with 2011’s fifth entry. That film scored both the best reviews and best box-office the franchise had seen yet – ultimately garnering $626 million worldwide.

On the other is “The Hangover Part III”. The first film scored excellent critical notices and stellar box-office. The second film scored poor reviews, and yet went on to even better box-office (internationally) with $586 million worldwide.

Now comes the next entry from each. Going into the weekend, reviews for “Fast and Furious 6” are good and only a touch weaker than they were for “Fast Five”. “The Hangover Part III” on the other hand is getting decisively worse reviews than even the derided second entry.

The box-office is reflecting that as “Fast and Furious 6” easily took the top spot with $36 million on Friday (including Thursday late shows) and is looking to garner around $110 million for the holiday weekend – the biggest opening yet for the franchise.

“The Hangover Part III” on the other hand came in second with $15.5 million on Friday following a day earlier opening with $11.7 million on the Thursday. That’s a major dive from “Hangover Part II” which scored $31.6 million on its opening Thursday. Estimates are this third film will garner $52 million over the four day weekend.

Rounding out the top five were “Epic” opening in third to $10 million. “Star Trek Into Darkness” came in fourth with $9.5 million, that film dropping 56% from its opening Friday to this Friday (exactly the same % drop as the 2009 reboot). “Iron Man 3” came in fifth with $5.2 million, and “The Great Gatsby in sixth with $4 million.