Fassbender Wanted For “Woman In Black”

Michael Fassbender looks to have emerged as the front runner to star in “The Woman In Black” for Hammer Films and Alliance Films says The Playlist.

Financing is locked for the 3D adaptation of Susan Hill’s gothic supernatural horror novel about a young solicitor who takes up a short residence at Eel Marsh House, a desolate and secluded coastal mansion cut off at high tide from the nearby market town.

Alone and sorting out the affairs of the elderly widow owner who recently died, the lawyer is spooked by unexplained noises and visions of a mysterious woman in black. The book has been adapted into a memorable stage play that has been done around the world for over two decades.

It also exists as a hard-to-find 1989 ITV low-budget TV movie which is in such demand that there’s a minor black market in illegal copies of the short-lived DVD release. Much like 70’s TV movie “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, the ‘Woman’ TV movie scores praise for its effective unsettling atmosphere created through premise, sound and suggestion.

Jane Goldman (“Stardust,” “Kick Ass”) adapted the script while James Watkins (“Eden Lake”) will direct. Colin Farrell was previously linked to the role but looks to have bowed out with his recent commitments to “Horrible Bosses” and the “Fright Night” remake.