Fassbender Thinks “Assassin’s Creed” Is Special

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal regarding his various award nominations for “Steve Jobs,” actor Michael Fassbender also touched upon 20th Century Fox’s upcoming film adaptation of the “Assassin’s Creed” gaming franchise which he recently wrapped work on.

Fassbender says: “It was great. It was a huge learning experience. To be a producer on it as well was very educational. I think we’ve got something special. I think we’ve done something original in this genre.”

The will not be a straight adaptation of any of the game titles, but will be set within that same universe. Fassbender is playing an original character named Callum Lynch, who also has the ability to use the Animus to travel back in time and relive events through the eyes of his ancestors.

Speaking about his character, he says: “He is an outsider. He’s been institutionalized from his early teens. He’s a little bit of a lost soul of sorts. He starts to identify [his] lineage and where he comes from in a way.”

“Assassin’s Creed” is currently set for release on December 21st.