Fassbender Talks “Alien: Covenant” Aesthetic

Filming on “Alien: Covenant” is continuing in Sydney after a good few weeks in production and while the cast has been keeping things very low-key, actor Michael Fassbender has surfaced briefly this week – popping by an “X-Men: Apocalypse” premiere and promoting that film with an interview in the local Herald Sun (via AVP Galaxy.

During that interview, he spoke briefly about ‘Covenant’ and promises the film will ditch the gloss of “Prometheus” and hearken back to the grimier aesthetic of the original “Alien”: “There’s an old-school element where things look used and battered, like the original ‘Star Wars’.”

Indeed the film will boast “NASA-style technology” like the old fashioned spacesuit of Scott’s original film. Talking about his character David, he says the android is “creepy… and he’s back in a whole new way”. “Alien: Covenant” opens August 4th 2017.