Fassbender Is The Dude In “Lebowski” Reading

Michael Fassbender is set to take on Jeff Bridges’ iconic role of ‘The Dude’ in Jason Reitman’s upcoming script reading of “The Big Lebowski”.

EW reports that the one-night-only stage reading of the Joel and Ethan Coen script will take place in Montreal later this month. Fassbender will be joined on stage by Patton Oswalt as John Goodman’s character Walter Sobchak. Seth Rogen and Rainn Wilson played the roles in a Los Angeles script read of the film a while back.

Reitman admits he doesn’t know what the actor will do, telling the mag: “Unlike other Live-Reads where I have a decent sense of how, for instance, Seth Rogen going to play The Dude, I have no idea how Fassbender will do it. But he’s one of the our greatest performers, he’s on the current Mount Rushmore of actors, so I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.”

The read, which happens on July 24th, will take place in Montreal due to filming on “X-Men: Apocalypse” continuing apace there.