“Fargo” Showrunner Talks Season 4 & Beyond

With creator Noah Hawley occupied with other projects, most notably “Legion,” there’s the obvious question as to whether or not there will be a fourth season of the anthology drama “Fargo”.

The series’ third season aired last year to strong reviews, but there’s been no real talk of what’s next for the show. Now, Hawley tells The Live Feed that there is definitely going to be a fourth season and he also has an idea for it:

“I now have an idea that’s less in the corner of my eye and more in front of me. I don’t have a lot of time right now to focus on it. What I can say is that it will be another period piece.”

The first and third seasons took place in modern times, the second season in the late-1970s. Asked if he wants to go a lot further back than the 1970s, Hawley says the possibility is there:

“I think it could, as long as there’s something unique to say about it. On some level, there’s a good joke in the idea that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I don’t know if there’s 10 episodes in that or not! But if you look at the history of the region and the waves of migration and people coming in, and the things people do for money … there’s something interesting to making a period version of it.

More and more as I think about telling stories in this vein and what the original film is about, these are really American stories and stories about the American landscape, and the things that people do for money. I feel like I have a very interesting and exciting direction to go in. I’m trying to find the time to get it down on paper.”

Part of the issue is that FX hasn’t officially picked up the show for a fourth season as yet. Hawley adds that he thinks the upcoming Disney-Fox merger won’t have much impact as he can’t imagine that “Disney would be interested in eradicating it or watering it down and turning it into something it’s not.”