“Far Cry 5” Breaks First Week Sales Record

Just released first-person action game “Far Cry 5” has not only scored much critical acclaim, it has also broken franchise records in its first week with an estimated $310 million in sales over the period.

Ubisoft reports the game more than doubled first week sales of its predecessor, and is the fastest-selling title in the series’ history and the second biggest ever for a Ubisoft game, behind only the 2016 launch of “The Division”. Digital distribution made up more than 50% of those sales.

Part of the success is that the game adopted a strong and provocative premise, one in which a fanatical doomsday cult bought up and has now taken over a fictional Montana county – you play a U.S. marshal rookie left abandoned in this hostile territory run by a dangerous madman.

Additionally, Ubisoft says people streamed more than 55,000 hours of the game on Twitch, and YouTube videos received over 117 million views.

Source: Rolling Stone