Fantastic Four Won’t Have Credits Stingers

Marvel Studios films have become famous for their ‘stingers’ during a film’s end credits – specifically both one during the middle of the credits and one right at the end. The release of this week’s “Ant-Man” sees the inclusion of two doozies.

Outside the studio though, the Fox Marvel properties have been much more inconsistent in terms of offering post-credits scenes. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Speaking at Comic-Con on the weekend, actor Jamie Bell revealed to MTV that you shouldn’t expect one sitting through the credits of the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot.

“No we don’t have a post-credits scene. It does leave the door wide open for a lot of different movies. I think this movie really focuses on the origins of each character individually – how they get their powers, how they learn to deal with them, how they learn to harness them. That’s kind of where the movie ends. But then there’s so much more to go on from there – it really leaves the door open.”

“Fantastic Four” is slated to hit cinemas on August 7th.