Fantastic Four Sequel Plot Spoilers

“Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” screenwriter Don Payne talked with Comics 2 Film recently about story points for the superhero sequel due in cinemas in June.

He confirms Galactus, the gigantic planet eating being with the wacky purple helmet, will appear but will be explored of more as a ‘force’ rather than a character.

Storywise much of it is based on the ‘Coming of Galactus’ and ‘Ultimate Extinction’ storylines as well as elements from four issues where the Silver Surfer encounters Dr. Doom.

Set one year after events in the first film, the team “will have had encounters with a few supervillains in that time period” and are now dealing with other issues.

“Reed and Sue are dealing with being celebrities and superheroes and also trying to have a private life. Reed is struggling to retain his status as a respected scientist while also doing the superhero thing” says Payne.

He also adds that “I wouldn’t say the Surfer is in a love triangle with Sue and Reed, but there’s definitely a connection between Sue and the Surfer”.

As for the return of Doctor Doom? “In the story, [Doom’s] got a very personal interest in the Silver Surfer and obviously a grudge against the FF. I think people will be happy in the direction he’s going in.”

Finally the scribe confirms that rather than embracing the more realistic approach to superheroes that Batman, Superman and the X-Men have done in recent years, ‘Four’ will continue to push even further into sci-fi/fantasy.