Fantastic 4 Producer: Reboot Was Too Dark

Out doing “X-Men” promotional rounds this past month, Simon Kinberg briefly touched upon the failure of the “Fantastic Four” reboot last year in several interviews. As part of the newest edition of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Kinberg spoke about the film’s problems saying it was an “overall mistake in tone” that was the biggest issue:

“I don’t think that there is, in any movie that doesn’t work, a single decision that is the reason that that movie doesn’t work. I think that there were many decisions we made along the way that led to a movie that people didn’t like and to a movie that I would do differently next time.

I think the biggest takeaway for me [is that] the tone of the movie, while really interesting and ambitious, ran counter to the DNA of the source material. I think the source material of Fantastic Four is bright, optimistic, poppy in tone.

There’s a sort of plucky spirit to those characters, and we made a darker, sort of body-horror kind of version of Fantastic Four, which again as I say it now sounds really interesting and cerebrally ambitious, but isn’t necessarily Fantastic Four… the biggest lesson learned is that Fantastic Four is a great comic book that has its own tone and voice, and we need to let that lead us… I would love to continue making movies with that cast.”

Criticisms lobbed at the movie would probably disagree with this assessment, mostly blaming a weak script and narrative that made little sense more than the serious and dark tone of the material. At present there’s still no official word on a sequel or reboot moving forward.