Fans Want A Black Widow Solo Movie

It seems fans really, really want Marvel to get moving on that solo “Black Widow” movie with Scarlett Johansson’s assassin character.

In a recent poll by Fandango asking fans who they’d most like to see star in a standalone adventure next, the character ran away with the results – scoring 48% of the votes. That’s far above the competition which included The Vision (15%), then Falcon (12%), Hawkeye (10%), War Machine (8%) and Scarlet Witch (7%).

Another person has also weighed in on this, ‘Civil War’ co-writer Steve McFeely who had a response to THR about which character he’d most like to bring into the Marvel Cinematic Universe next:

“Namor (The Submariner). He is kind of a jerk and has a chip on his shoulder and he is a king and lives underwater. The degree of difficulty is so high, though. Cause it could be a great movie or it could be truly terrible.”

Back to the poll and the public was asked who should get a fourth film next – Captain America or Iron Man, it was Steve Rogers in the lead 57% to 43%.

Source: USA Today