Fans Dissect First Look Batman Photo

Since Zack Snyder posted the first official photo of Ben Affleck in his full Batman costume alongside the new look Batmobile yesterday, and fans have been studying with and playing with the image ever since – looking for any secrets hints or clues that it might reveal.

Here’s the original image again but a much larger version than the one I included before (click the shot to access the full size version). There’s already one claim of the Joker’s face being in the image, behind Batman, though more likely it’s just a fender.

More interesting is the colorisation work being done by fans. We’ve been told the costume will NOT be black-on-black as the previous film Batmans have been, which means many are speculating it will be a dark grey, dark navy ensemble.

Check out the shots of below of various color schemes, in particular the bottom which has lightened up the image so that you can really make out the details of the costume, including the utility belt, the gloves, the cowl, even the Batcrotch.