Famuyiwa Tweets “Flash” Script & Teases Cyborg

Director Rick Famuyiwa has used social media today to reveal that he’s completed his revisions on the script for the upcoming “The Flash” movie which will star Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash.

In recent months there’s been rumors that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg character will be a part of the film, rumors that began with the possibility teased by producer Deborah Snyder in April and subsequent trade reports indicating Fisher has indeed signed on to star in the movie.

Famuyiwa has essentially ignored those reports in previous tweets, but today’s posting of a photo of the completed script cleverly teases it by including the legs of Funko Flash Pop figures for both The Flash and Cyborg standing on the screenplay cover page.

A recent report suggested members of the villain team The Rogues would face The Flash with both Captain Cold and Golden Glider will be the big bads of the film, that has not been confirmed. The new “The Flash” kicks off March 16th.