Family Guy Death Leaves Fans Upset


While “The Simpsons” has been talking up killing off a character this season, Seth MacFarlane’s “Family Guy” actually went and did it over the weekend.

It wasn’t just a minor character either as fan favorite dog Brian got quite graphically killed in a random car accident – the kind of death that many pet owners will be familiar with.

Brian had appeared in every episode of the show since the series began in 1998. “The Sopranos” actor Tony Sirico is now stepping in as the family’s new pooch Vinnie.

In tribute to Brian’s passing, Fox has posted a ‘remembrance’ video tribute which you can see below:

Fans have been left understandably upset by the event, so much so that a Facebook page launched a few hours ago about Brian’s passing has quickly scored support with over 94,000 likes. The same site has now launched a petition to bring Brian Griffin back.