Families Unhappy With “Uncle Buck” Series

Surprising many this week was the announcement of Universal TV and ABC developing a multi-camera comedy TV series based on the 1989 film “Uncle Buck”.

That movie starred comedian/actor John Candy and was directed by beloved filmmaker John Hughes, both of whom have passed on. Today, the families of the late John Candy and John Hughes, have released a statement to Deadline voicing their disapproval of the project.

The statement indicates neither of the Estates of the two John’s were given advance notice of the project, with the families learning of the project when it hit the media this week. Hughes was famously displeased with CBS’ failed attempt to transfer “Uncle Buck” to TV back in 1990, so it is expected he would not have been supportive of this current attempt.

Universal TV however is within their rights to exploit titles from their libraries without the filmmakers’ consent.

This follows on from events earlier this week when filmmaker Cameron Crowe also learned from the media that his 1989 romantic comedy “Say Anything” was getting a follow-up TV series over at 20th Century Fox TV.

He and that film’s star John Cusack voiced their disapproval in social media and the project was quickly scrapped.