Famed “X-Files” Episode Gets A Sequel

Could one of the most notorious stand alone episodes of “The X-Files” be getting a follow-up?

We know that FOX is reviving “The X-Files” for a six-episode limited series which goes to air starting in January next year. Previously it has been indicated that the six episodes will include a mix of mythology and stand alone ‘monster of the week’ episodes.

Today, TV Line reports that the second episode of the new season could be a sequel to the second episode of the show’s fourth season, the infamous episode “Home” about an in-bred family.

The new season’s second episode is entitled “Home Again” and is being penned and directed by Glen Morgan who co-wrote the original “Home” with James Wong.

“Home Again” is scheduled to go to air on January 25th 2016, almost twenty years since the original episode went to air.