“Fallout” Heading For $135M+ Worldwide Opening

Fallout Heading For 135m Worldwide Opening

Aside from the fun of “The Meg,” the last major tentpole of the Summer is this weekend’s “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” which is reportedly headed towards a global opening weekend haul of over $135 million.

Around $55-60 million of that figure will be States-side with the rest overseas in 36 markets. That would put it as the biggest opening of the franchise, ahead of 2011’s “Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol” at $131.5 million on its opening weekend.

The two previous films in the series, ‘Ghost Protocol’ and ‘Rogue Nation’, both earned a total gross of just under $700 million each worldwide by the end of their runs Both also scored strong reviews on Rotten Tomatoes with ‘Ghost’ at 93% (7.7/10) and ‘Rogue’ at 93% (7.5/10). ‘Fallout’ is already ahead of them with critics, pulling in a 97% (8.5/10) which is one of the highest ratings ever given to a blockbuster film.

It’s also the most expensive of the ‘Mission’ films to date thanks to the eight-week hiatus caused by star Tom Cruise’s ankle injury and the paying out of the film’s stars so they didn’t take on other jobs. The budget reportedly hit $250 million, up from Rogue Nation’s $170 million, but the insurance company payout on the injury should help lower that to closer to $180 million.

Source: Deadline