Fallout 4 Set For November, New Details

The main thrust of E3 2015 kicks off today with no less than four major press conferences being held by Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft over a twelve hour period. Late yesterday though, Bethesda Softworks got the ball rolling with their own event which played pitch perfectly from start to finish.

Armed with a bunch of announcements and finished footage from games on the way, the live event was dominated by anticipation for the fourth game in the “Fallout” series with the big news of the night being the game’s sooner than expected release date of November 10th this year.

In production since the release of “Fallout 3,” the new game is set in a post-apocolyptic Boston. There’s a stunning crafting system which allows for the building of fully customizable settlements in the middle of the Wastleand. There’s also a very impressive weapons and armor crafting system allowing for an incredible amount of customisation in the range of around 700 different types.

Running a new version of the Creation Engine, the player can shift between first person and third person perspective at any time. The whole aim is player freedom so you can just engage in world-building if you wish, or deal with the story as it comes.

Two more surprises related to the game were on offer. First up, the collector’s edition of the game features a working ‘Pip-Boy,’ the large wrist device giving you full control of the menu. The Pip-Boy connects with any mobile cellphone that contains the correct app to essentially give you a second screen.

The other was “Fallout Shelter,” a new smartphone game where players get to design and manage their very own Fallout vault. Best of all about that one though is that it’s in app stores now.