Fallout 4 Runs Over 400 Hours Long?

What’s the length of a good game’s single-player campaign? Some prefer them short and sweet – an hour or two – like many an indie title such as “Journey,” “Monument Valley” or “Limbo”.

Some like ’em mid-range length with main missions around 8-15 hours and a further 5-15 hours or so of side missions much like the “Mass Effect,” “Uncharted,” “Just Cause” or “Bioshock” series. Some though like them long though – like the 60-150 hour range of the “Dragon Age,” “Elder Scrolls,” “Witcher” and “Fallout” series.

The upcoming “Fallout 4” though might have them all beat hands down. It’s known that the game is incredibly massive with a ton of content, just how massive though will surprise even the most demanding of players. Speaking with OXM (via GameSpot), the game’s lead producer Jeff Gardiner claims to have played the game for 400 hours so far and still hasn’t seen all there is to be seen in-game.

He also spoke about the game’s crafting system and how players will have to do a ton of searching for specific items required: “It’s all common sense visual stuff. If it doesn’t connect to the generator, the power doesn’t work. You can actually flag stuff to say, ‘I’m looking for this stuff because I want to make this’ which means that when you’re scavenging anything that fulfils the requirement gets flagged in the world. When you connect stuff to the computer terminal you have a lot of control and sort of fine tuning. If you’ve got something that plays music, you can actually define how it’s playing music.”

“Fallout 4” is currently slated for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 10th.