Fairchild, Evans To Fight Over “Melange”

Fairchild Evans To Fight Over Melange

Morgan Fairchild and Chris Evans’ brother Scott Evans are set to lead the cast of “Melange,” a new half-hour serialized drama about the fight over the ownership of a historic New York City gay bar.

The story begins when its proprietor (Robert Newman) suddenly and mysteriously dies. Evans plays a young man who fights to keep the club out of the claws of the late man’s wife (Fairchild).

Anne Ramsay, Omar Sharif Jr, Perez Hilton, Darnell Williams, Alex Newell, Diana DeGarmo, Mark Indelicato, Kristen Alderson, Laith Ashley, Ilene Kristen, Maya Days, Pamela Winslow Kashani, and David A. Gregory all co-star while Gary Donatelli and Tim Kashani are directing.

Source: Variety