Failed “Gears of War,” Escape NY Casting

A few years back “Underworld” and “Live Free or Die Hard” director Len Wiseman was attached to both an “Escape from New York” remake and a film adaptation of the Xbox 360 game series “Gears of War”. Both projects fell apart though.

In an upcoming interview with Film School Rejects, Wiseman briefly talked about both projects and who might have been the potential cast members. In regards to ‘Escape’, Wiseman said former “Lost” star Josh Holloway was involved – “He’s great. He’s got the wiseass, modern Snake Plissken vibe about him. He was somebody we talked about.”

In regard to “Gears of War”, Wiseman says the main reason that fell apart was the budget wasn’t right to do a film that was faithful to the game – “It just got to the point where it was too expensive for what they considered too much of an isolated, male-driven movie. You know, just even the fact it’s called Gears of War [Laughs]. They felt it was risky. The vision I had for it was an appropriate one for the game. The game is epic and massive. I didn’t really want to see the 50 or 60 million dollar version of that movie.”

Wiseman also says The Rock kept being mentioned as a potential star, but he thought Daniel Craig would’ve been a great choice for the role of Marcus.